Menu For Diet


Bestnyer hari ni hari sabtu...x keja. Boleh berehat kat umah. So, boleh la mencoret sikit info kat My Lovely Bee ni. Hari ni nak share pasal tips jadual menu untuk org2 yg nak berdiet cam aku ni...hehehehe. Info menu for diet ni dpt dari Cik Diana Fauran.

Menu For Diet
Menu For Diet 

                         ...GET SLIM GAIN LIFE....
Drink more than 3000ml water every day and finish it before 8pm

To Avoid 
Spicy         Cakes                 Rice                    Bean Sprouts   
Sweet        Kuih                   Oily                     Deep Fried
Salt           Noodles              Snack                  Banana
Gravy       Cheese               Biscuits                Durian
Potato       Bread/Bun          Kangkung            Mango

Eat More But 70% Full

Colourful Vegetables          - Steam Food
Fruits                                 - Soup-Based Food

Breakfast-must eat            - One big cup of skim milk
Better before 10am           - Anlene, Omega plus or etc or low fat milk
                                         - Dutch Lady, HL or Soya without sugar
                                         - 1-2 hard boiled egg - white egg only
                                            or scramble egg (egg yolk max 2 per day)
                                         - Sausages-chicken (max 5 rolls)
                                         - Vegetables Salad / fruits salad
                                         - Drink large glass of water

Lunch                                - vegetables or salad with less dressing
Better 1pm - 2pm              - Steam yong tow foo
                                            or chicken (breast) without skin
                                         - roasted, steam,  baked with
                                           5 fish balls (max. 5 pcs)
                                           or steam fish with a bowl of cooked vegetables
                                         - 1 apple or 1 papaya
                                         - Drink large lass of water

Dinner                               - No limit of vegetables (stir fried or soup)
Before 7pm finish              - Steam bean curd (tofu) with chicken (breast)
                                           or with grill fish
                                           or steam fish / soup or vegetables soup
                                         - 1 Guava / 1 honey dew
                                         - Drink large glass of water

You are advised to have dinner at 4 hours before bed time or not to have
solid food after 8pm and the  Beauty Sleeping Hours is from 10pm to 6am


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