Kuih Raya : To bake or not to bake ? | Fancy Oven


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Kuih Raya – To bake or not to bake ?  | Fancy Oven | As we are fasting our way into the third week of Ramadhan, surely most of us are already looking for kuih raya to bring back to the kampong and to leave some at home for Hari Raya visits by friends, colleagues and neighbours. Of course, hats off to those who made an extra effort to bake their own cake and cookies. For the working and busy crowd, we always opt for ‘kuih tunjuk’. Yes, the kuih that we can simply point at and ask, “How much is it?”. And Ramadhan is the perfect moment for some of us to earn extra pocket money by selling kuih raya.

Kuih Raya : To bake or not to bake ? | Fancy Oven

Kuih raya, just as rendang, lemang and ketupat for most of us, is a must-have at every home. When our Hari Raya guests are full from constant ketupat/lemang binging from house to house, they never turn down an offer of kuih raya. The children are often eager to raid each jar, bottle and container to see the kuih raya variety. The mothers are usually interested in the recipes and the usual killer question, ‘Beli ke buat sendiri?’. Haha! Such is kuih raya story to most of us. Surely most of you can imagine the lovely sight of pineapple tarts (either the rolled- type or flower-shaped ones); semperit with red cherry, kuih bangkit, kuih siput, biskut Arab, biskut Mazola, marble cookies, London almond, just to name a few. For the family of Javanese descent such as myself, we also serve various types of chrispy chips (kerepek), rempeyek, halwa betik (sugared-papaya cutlets) and agar-agar kering (dried jelly). 

Kuih Raya : To bake or not to bake ? | Fancy Oven
Kuih raya trend has also gone through various phases of transformation. As the years progress we see more colours, more flavours and more recently kuih raya has evolved into something more luxurious including cupcakes, cheese tarts and mini-cakes. Who can resist the smooth texture of beautifully-crafted pastries rolling in your mouth with each bite? Either the rich chocolate-y taste or the hint of salty cheese, or even the sweet fruity flavours, there is always a kuih raya that will suit your taste bud.

And this Raya season, download our Destination Malaysia mobile apps to enjoy 5 to 10 percent discounts on top of already-marked down pastries and kuih raya from Fancy Oven. Just flash your smartphone/tablet showing your Destination Malaysia mobile apps upon payment. 

Fancy Oven was founded in 2012 when owners, Marhana and Fadzly wanted to buy a birthday cake for their daughter. Marhana took baking classes soon after and orders from family and friends started to fill in. From a home-based business, they took a step further and registered ‘Fancy Oven’as a company in November 2013. Visit their outlet at 13G, Persiaran Utama Suria Tropika, Taman Suria Tropika, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor and flash your Destination Malaysia Mobile.

Kuih Raya : To bake or not to bake ? | Fancy Oven

Kuih Raya : To bake or not to bake ? | Fancy Oven

Kuih Raya : To bake or not to bake ? | Fancy Oven

Kuih Raya : To bake or not to bake ? | Fancy Oven

Apps for discounts. Terms & conditions apply.

Text: Paris Nurashikin Mohamad Supian
Photos: Fancy Oven

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  1. Syabas.. Dari niat nak buat kek harijadi untuk anak sendiri

    Sekarang ni dah boleh buka kedai. Maju sungguh dah tu. Semoga terus maju sehingga dapat buka banyak cawangan seluruh Malaysia


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